Archive | September, 2016

Learning How to Learn: Toddlers Versus Neural Networks

It’s undeniable that machine learning has made enormous progress over the past few years: from amazing artificial intelligence accomplishments like defeating a top ranking player at the ancient and complex game of Go to simple everyday uses like auto-tagging personal photo collections. At the core of the most advanced algorithms used to achieve these feats […]

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The New CEVA-XM6 Powered Vision Platform Is Here; Prepare to See Things Differently

It’s no secret that CEVA has been pushing the envelope for over a decade to make intelligent machine vision a viable possibility in mass market embedded devices. With four generation of successful, widely adopted DSP cores behind us, including the award-winning CEVA-XM4, we have established our position as the industry leader in low-power, high-performance programmable […]

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The Future of Smartphone Photography: Dual Cameras Meet Machine Learning

Immediately following the announcement of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s first dual camera phone, commentators (like this post from wired and this post from eetimes) declared that dual cameras are the new norm for smartphone photography. That’s how much sway Apple has. As I speculated in my August 2015 post, this feature was anticipated since […]

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