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Will The Future of Audio Be Wireless or Smart Wired?

With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple chucked the analog audio jack. That’s old news. The criticism is overwhelming.  One critic says that the company has terrible reasons for removing the headphone jack. Another post humorously points out that there is absolutely no upside to the change. Another post explains why Apple’s promise to […]

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Voice Isolation: When Noise Reduction Meets Deep Learning

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that a smartphone is also a telephone. With all the fantastic functions and features, somehow people have grown accustomed to the occasional dropped syllable and garbled sounds that make us repeat ourselves time and again. A recent article in Scientific American suggests that the fault is with the service providers. […]

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Wireless Audio, Voice Control and Other Audio Gizmos

Smartphone era has triggered several advancements in audio, such as wireless audio and voice control which actually works. Think about, for example, how you connect your phone to your car’s audio system – that’s Bluetooth audio right there. Other examples include wireless speakers, Bluetooth headsets, smart earbuds, sound bars and sound projectors. Most of these […]

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