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Linley Analyst Awards Winner for 2015: CEVA-XM4 Vision Processor

We are proud to share with you that our fourth generation imaging and vision DSP, the CEVA-XM4 intelligent vision processor, has been named “Best Processor IP of 2015” by semiconductor industry technology analyst, The Linley Group. Download Linley’s announcement on CEVA-XM4. Linley’s “Best Processor IP” category covers a broad range of licensable processor cores including CPUs, DSPs, […]

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How Computer Vision Empowers Autonomous Drones

Computer vision technology is complementing GPS sensors in visually smarter drones in a quest to have autonomous features like object tracking, environment sensing, collisions avoiding and more. At the same time, 4K video, now a must-have feature, and other functions like 3D depth map creation pose significant computational challenges for the high-quality image- and video-processing […]

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How Computer Vision is Reshaping the Four Key Growth Segments of 2016

Computer vision and computational photography are an intrinsic part of the Internet of Things (IoT) arena where cameras and sensors reign supreme. This blog offers a quick overview of how computer vision technology is transforming the most crucial markets in 2016: mobile, automotive, security and surveillance, and drones. Mobile The digital camera in smartphones is […]

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