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Wireless Audio, Voice Control and Other Audio Gizmos

Smartphone era has triggered several advancements in audio, such as wireless audio and voice control which actually works. Think about, for example, how you connect your phone to your car’s audio system – that’s Bluetooth audio right there. Other examples include wireless speakers, Bluetooth headsets, smart earbuds, sound bars and sound projectors. Most of these […]

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CEVA Unveils Wi-Fi IP Platforms to Enable a Broad Range of Connected Devices

Wearables are the new epitome of consumer chic, and while they are increasingly connected to the Internet, they come under the Internet of Things (IoT) fold. Wearable devices are ramping up faster than even smartphones and tablets with a CAGR of 154 percent (Source: Morgan Stanley, Wearable Device Blue Paper, Nov 2014). Today we, at […]

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