RivieraWaves Surf IP platform gets Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac status, Celeno deploys CEVA-XC in latest 802.11ac Wave 2 4×4 Products

ABI Research predicts that more than 13.5 billion Wi-Fi enabled devices will have shipped by 2020, making Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth the two most broadly adopted wireless technologies worldwide. At CEVA, we continue to invest in and advance our connectivity offerings to meet the growing demand for connectivity IP.

Since we acquired RivieraWaves in July 2014, we have witnessed extraordinary demand for our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, with dozens of license agreements signed. In order to help these customers shorten their time to market, we go the extra step to take our IPs through the rigorous certification process from the various standards bodies.

A few months ago, we announced that our Bluetooth Smart 4.2 platform was certified by the Bluetooth SIG and today, we are proud to announce that our Wi-Fi 802.11ac IP has achieved Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac status from the Wi-Fi Alliance®. This is a significant milestone for our Wi-Fi IP and helps to further lower the design risk for our Wi-Fi customers.

On a similar note, we also announced today that Celeno Communications has licensed and deployed our CEVA-XC DSP for its 802.11ac Wave 2 4×4 Wi-Fi chip portfolio. Celeno had previously licensed our RivieraWaves Wi-Fi IP, and now has followed this with a license for our communications DSP to run the 802.11ac PHY functions, bringing a new level of Software Defined Radio (SDR) flexibility to Wi-Fi.

Both of these announcements today demonstrate our continued success in expanding CEVA’s product offerings into new and exciting markets and applications. If you happen to be attending the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, we would be delighted for you to drop by our suite and see these latest technologies and demonstrations first-hand, including of course our Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ ac RivieraWaves Surf Wi-Fi platform. Contact events@ceva-dsp.com to schedule your visit.

To read the Wi-Fi ac certification press release, click here.

To read the Celeno press release, click here.



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