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Voice interfaces of the future: Tech that’s turning Sci-Fi into reality

As virtual assistants become more intelligent, our expectations from them become increasingly higher. Now that simple voice commands are practically taken for granted, deep learning is enabling more complex interactions, like contextual conversations and emotion detection. In my previous column, I reviewed the drawbacks and missing features of currently prevalent voice interfaces. But those kinks […]

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Meet CEVA-X1: No More DSP plus CPU; One Lightweight Processor for All IoT Use Cases

Until now there have been some CPUs with DSP capabilities and some DSPs with CPU capabilities available. Some of these are quite common today in various devices. That said, a deeper look at the architecture reveals that there is more to the story. A CPU with DSP capabilities is actually just a CPU with a […]

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Samsung Galaxy S7 released in Exynos and Snapdragon variants, both using CEVA’s DSPs!

Last month during Mobile World Congress, Samsung revealed its latest generation flagship smartphones – the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. These highly-anticipated flagship handsets captured the attention of not only the Congress attendees, but also of the world’s media. The sleek design, advanced camera functionality and IP68 water and dust resistance are just some […]

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