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Will The Future of Audio Be Wireless or Smart Wired?

With the release of the iPhone 7, Apple chucked the analog audio jack. That’s old news. The criticism is overwhelming.  One critic says that the company has terrible reasons for removing the headphone jack. Another post humorously points out that there is absolutely no upside to the change. Another post explains why Apple’s promise to […]

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The Future of Smartphone Photography: Dual Cameras Meet Machine Learning

Immediately following the announcement of the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple’s first dual camera phone, commentators (like this post from wired and this post from eetimes) declared that dual cameras are the new norm for smartphone photography. That’s how much sway Apple has. As I speculated in my August 2015 post, this feature was anticipated since […]

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Will iPhone 7 Finally Capture 3D Vision?

The trade media is abuzz with speculations that the iPhone 7 is going to incorporate 3D vision using dual rear-facing cameras and add depth-sensing capability for mapping out 3D environments and tracking body movements and facial expressions. The basis of these speculations are multiple 3D technology acquisitions that Apple has made during the past couple […]

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