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New On Demand Webinar: How LTE Cat-NB1 (NB-IoT) is Driving Cellular SoC Design Innovation

The 3GPP recently completed the standardization of a new LTE-based narrowband technology to support the emerging needs of cellular-IOT devices. Known as Cat-NB1 (formerly NB-IoT), this new low data rate category will enable the development of ultra-low power, ultra-low cost solutions that can leverage the existing LTE infrastructure for a new wave of connected devices. […]

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Cellular IoT Power Saving Techniques: How Do The New Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 Protocols Achieve Ultra-Low Energy Consumption?

As the competition over the protocols that will define the Internet of Things unfolds, 3GPP’s Cellular IoT (C-IoT) is definitely a strong contender. 3GPP Release 13 includes significant enhancements targeting C-IoT use cases. These are typically characterized by low-volume data transmissions that are not particularly sensitive to delays, for example smart grid sensors or asset […]

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Meet CEVA-X1: No More DSP plus CPU; One Lightweight Processor for All IoT Use Cases

Until now there have been some CPUs with DSP capabilities and some DSPs with CPU capabilities available. Some of these are quite common today in various devices. That said, a deeper look at the architecture reveals that there is more to the story. A CPU with DSP capabilities is actually just a CPU with a […]

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