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Download Linley’s new report: “CEVA Makes Waves in Wearables”

2 weeks after CEVA unveiled its new Wi-Fi IP Platforms that enable a broad range of connected devices, the Linley Group has published a review of  the new products called: “CEVA Makes Waves in Wearables”. For the full article in Linley’s Mobile Chip report click here. To quote from the report: “CEVA has collaborated with two suppliers of RF/analog-front-end […]

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DSP Enablers in the Internet of Smart Things: Sensing (Part #2)

A smart IoT platform requires three key building blocks: Connectivity, sensing and intelligence. On part 1 of ”DSP Enablers in the Internet of Smart Things” series, I addressed the connectivity aspect and explained how a DSP-based software PHY solution enables the creation of smart IoT devices through support for multiple connectivity standards. Let us now […]

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DSP Enablers in the Internet of Smart Things- Connectivity (Part #1)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting things. However, the connectivity domain in the IoT world faces a lot of challenges. For a start, The IoT realm is composed of a long list of communication standards, and they are constantly evolving. That’s because different IoT devices require multiple communication standards at varying ranges […]

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