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Why Your Device and Your Charger Should Talk Over BLE

An increasing number of devices are shedding their cords, becoming more portable and more convenient to use, like the should-be-here-any-minute-now Apple AirPods and other hearables and headphones. But the act of charging, for the most part, still has people reaching for a wire to plug into their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any device that is […]

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CEVA’s Bluetooth Smart 4.2 IP is Now Fully Qualified by the Bluetooth SIG!

­­ Today we have announced the qualification of our RivieraWaves Bluetooth Smart 4.2 IP. This is the 3rd generation of this very successful Bluetooth Smart product line which is already shipping in tens of millions of devices. It can be found in a variety of ultra-low power connected applications including wearables, health and fitness sensors, sport, […]

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