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The Case for Local Intelligence in IoT-centric Surveillance Devices

The network-centric security and surveillance industry enabled by the IP-based cameras has been steadily progressing over the years. Now the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) promises to turn this segment into a mass surveillance infrastructure. However, the crossover between IoT and surveillance is also demanding the edge devices like security cameras to get […]

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DSP Enablers in the Internet of Smart Things: Intelligence (Part #3)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about connecting things, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are smart by nature. The previous two posts in “DSP Enablers in the Internet of Smart Things” series, have shown how the connectivity and sensing worlds are intertwined in the larger IoT landscape.  This post will deal with the […]

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CEVA-XM4: Computer Vision One Step Closer to Human Vision

The dawn of a new era of computer vision is taking cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality and holographic imaging from a desktop environment to mobile and embedded platforms, testing the limits of the existing hardware, typically comprising of CPUs and GPUs. So far, CPUs and GPUs have taken the brunt for processing-intensive imaging algorithms as […]

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