Wireless Audio, Voice Control and Other Audio Gizmos

Smartphone era has triggered several advancements in audio, such as wireless audio and voice control which actually works. Think about, for example, how you connect your phone to your car’s audio system – that’s Bluetooth audio right there. Other examples include wireless speakers, Bluetooth headsets, smart earbuds, sound bars and sound projectors. Most of these products didn’t exist just a few years ago. If we break down the technologies under the hood of such a device we could easily identify how complex they’ve become. Here’s an example to demonstrate it:

Assume you are taking a shower while enjoying a killer playlist sent by a friend playing on your Bluetooth speaker. Suddenly, right after one of your favorite songs, comes one of the worst songs ever recorded, and not only that, you are about to listen to all of it for the first time in your life as your smartphone is in the other room and you are in the middle of a shower. But then you remember that your speaker has a cool voice control feature and give it a try. Like magic, that song fades away and a much better one starts playing…

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Voice-controlled wireless speaker – works like a breeze

Voice-controlled wireless speaker – works like a breeze



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